The Twenty Pearls is an organization for young ladies in high school who are chosen on the basis of scholastic average, character, and personality.  A Twenty Pearl must have a strong desire for personal improvement and enthusiasm for community involvement.

The purpose of The Twenty Pearls youth group is to stimulate and encourage academic excellence, personal dignity, and pride among young women.

The objectives of The Twenty Pearls are:

1.      To provide young ladies with opportunities to obtain knowledge and insight into the changing roles of women in our society.

2.      To provide young ladies with socially, culturally, and educationally enriching experiences.  Such experiences will include seminars dealing with self-esteem, etiquette, dress for success, teen issues, as well as social and cultural activities.  Community involvement will also include services to needy families, senior citizens, and under-privileged children and their families.

Some of the activities the Twenty Pearls participated in during the past school year were as follows:

Community Service:

~AKA Community Youth Outreach Day

~Contestant Assistants for Fashionetta

~Program Participants at the Scholarship Day for Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church

~Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

~Promtique (Prom Dresses for Girls in Need)

~Performance for Men of Tomorrow Step Show

Social Activities:

~Movie Viewing: Hidden Figures

~Treat Her Like A Lady-Luncheon with the Kappa League

~Bonding activities (Uptown Art)

~Holiday Celebration and Dinner

~ End of the Year Trip

Workshops and Seminars:

~AKA Community Youth Outreach Day

~Social Sensitivity

~Parliamentary Procedures

~Interviewing Skills

~Dining Etiquette

~Applying for Scholarships

~Personality Traits

~Making Good Decisions